6 Conversion-Boosting Solutions for Engaging PDPs

Set up your eCommerce product pages for success by building a rich online shopping experience for consumers. We’ve created multiple solutions designed to increase engagement and drive conversion while capturing valuable data. Ensure your product detail pages stand out from competitors with premium enhanced content by RichContext.

1. FAQ Modules

Educate consumers with informative answers to frequently asked questions about your product. Curated questions and answers provide shoppers with product-specific information. In a recent campaign, 38% of all experience engagements were of FAQs.

2. Digital Quiz

Engage with shoppers through a fully customizable quiz designed to pair them with the perfect product. This interactive and personalized approach offers targeted item recommendations.

3. Shoppable Carousel

Use the Shoppable Carousel to easily promote multiple items at once, allowing shoppers to conveniently explore the entire portfolio from a single experience.

4. Digital Quilt

Display user-generated content from influencer and brand assets with a linkable virtual mosaic. Incorporate lifestyle images, videos, or products to create interactive, shoppable quilt tiles.

5. Shop-the-Look

Incorporate user-generated content that allows shoppers to purchase at the point of inspiration. The basket-building experience drives interaction and enables brand and product discovery. The module features one large image with multiple hotspots, with each hotspot corresponding to a product of your choice.

6. Videos

Increase user engagement with embedded, full-width product videos. According to analysts, 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching an online video that explains the product.

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