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COVID-19 Accelerates eGrocery Adoption, Desire For More Intelligent Marketing

During this health crisis, online grocery demand soars. Walmart Grocery, Instacart, and Shipt are seeing over 150% increases in their daily app downloads. 

Changing Shopper Behavior 

After our social distancing efforts, it’s safe to say this rise in online grocery shopping will have long-lasting impacts on shopper behavior. 

Just think, we all know friends and loved ones that days ago wouldn’t have used these emerging fulfillment options, but now, for public safety, they’re using them for the first time! 

Investments, Strategies Shifting 

Modern marketers, agencies, and brands are acutely aware of this shift in shopper behavior. 

Recognizing that 80% of baskets are repeat purchases with online grocery, they are quickly rethinking their investments. 

Many are shifting in-store investments to digital and searching for meaningful solutions that actually drive value to the shopper. 

An Algorithmic Solution  

Our digital endcap, Hyphen, connects shoppers with accurate information needed in these uncertain times. It works with any media source (display, influencers, social, etc.) and provides the shopper and brands with: 

  • Inventory Intelligence
    • We check real-time inventories and dynamically display in-stock products based on the shopper’s location.   
  • Direct Add-to-Carts
    • Shoppers can view in-stock items and add products directly to their retailer’s carts. 
  • Control and Data  
    • Agencies and brands control this experience, so they retain all behavioral data to better understand their shoppers. 

In uncertain times, data-driven intelligence drives value and trust.

Concluding Thoughts 

Hopefully, COVID-19 has a limited impact on lives. 

The best thing we all can do is try to distance ourselves from people and places. These safety measures reinforce new online grocery shopping behaviors. 

Let’s control what we can control and drive valuable information to shoppers who need it now more than ever! 

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