eGrocery 2020 Survey Results

It’s clear that the state of grocery as we know it is quickly changing. Due to recent events, we’ve seen record highs in eGrocery app downloads and the rapid acceleration of grocery pickup and delivery adoption. This summer, we surveyed online shoppers to determine the latest eGrocery habits and trends of 2020. Here’s what we learned.

Half of shoppers go to their pantry or refrigerator when starting an online order. This means that as consumers are preparing to place a grocery pickup or delivery order, they will often check what supplies they are running low on with plans to repurchase them. With that being said, a whopping 96% of shoppers reported that their online carts are made of at least half of past purchases.

We discovered that although consumers will consult their pantries before ordering, shopping lists are not yet a thing of the past. Women are more likely than men to start an online order by preparing a physical grocery list (62% compared to 51%).

eGrocery services have quickly become a fixture in consumers’ everyday lives. The majority of shoppers are placing online orders on a weekly basis (62.2%), with 15% of shoppers adding items throughout the week. 

It’s never been more crucial to be on a shopper’s favorites list. 71% of shoppers say they frequently shop from their favorites list, and 30% always start their pickup order from their favorites list.  

While most shoppers rely on past purchases and favorites to build their weekly shopping list, about 30% of shoppers also use online platforms to find new products, including websites, blogs, influencers, and social media.

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