Making the Most of a Hyphen Campaign: 4 Use Case Opportunities

Hyphen is a dynamic eCommerce platform that enables product discovery for online shoppers at the point of inspiration, allowing brands to seamlessly showcase their items. With direct add-to-cart functionality, intelligent shopper routing, and integration with 35+ retailers, Hyphen connects shoppable content with real-time data.

With the accelerated adoption of eGrocery in recent months, Hyphen’s capabilities are more relevant than ever before. The solution gives brands end-to-end control of the digital path to purchase where shopping behaviors inform ongoing optimization.

Hyphen offers brands flexibility. With a variety of experience layouts to choose from, there’s a Hyphen shop for all of your campaign needs. Here’s a look at some of the top use cases and activations that captured the attention of online shoppers.

Seasonal Activations

Hyphen clients have seen success in utilizing the platform to highlight seasonal products. Hyphen is integrated with five major retailers, with added support for over 30 more. This gives shoppers increased convenience for their seasonal shopping needs. Hyphen technology pre-populates user locations and participating nearby stores, providing a personalized destination that assures product availability for any occasion.

The list solution layout allows brands to easily group items, creating an improved basket building experience. Shoppers can purchase multiple items with just one click. 

Brand Collaborations

Brand collaborations drive mutually beneficial growth. Hyphen provides an impartial, equitable destination with the capacity to highlight multiple brands and retailers. Collaborating on an advanced technology platform can better serve your target audience while driving revenue for both brands.

Read how Bayer used Hyphen in a recent brand partnership that doubled product exposure and maximized dollars here.

New Product Launches

The user interface of a Hyphen shop can be compared to a digital endcap. The reimagining of the traditional brick and mortar tactic as a digital destination makes it the perfect opportunity to showcase new product launches.

Choose from a single item or multi-item carousel views paired with direct add-to-cart functionality. Hyphen campaigns ensure that a shopper can easily discover your new product and shop available items from location-based retailers. 

Influencer Campaigns

Hyphen offers a modern approach to influencer marketing by encouraging impulse purchases. 86% of marketers and agencies utilize influencers. With self-reported organic engagement metrics, do we really know what actions they drive? Hyphen makes influencer campaigns work harder. By connecting brands and influencers with 1st party data, everyone can make more informed decisions, enabling brands to reallocate funds to the most impactful influencers.

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