Drive Bigger Baskets & Better Insights

Hyphen is a solution that gives brands control—providing the ability to create and manage online shopping destinations while utilizing data and ongoing optimization. Hyphen encourages product discovery while providing frictionless conversion for the shopper.

Intelligent Shopper Routing

Eliminates Media Waste

Informative Insights

Transparent & Real-Time


Fair & Equitable, User-First


Industry-Leading UX

Brands are using Hyphen to increase product exposure and maximize conversion.

Hyphen was a perfect fit our partnership campaign. Trusting that our shoppers were always directed to in-stock items elevated the shopper experience while saving valuable media dollars at the same time.”

—Melissa Stewart, Customer Marketing Manager, Walmart

Discover & Convert with One Click

Hyphen offers powerful creative control and direct add-to-cart functionality. From creating bigger baskets to launching new products, there are Hyphen destinations designed for any opportunity. Choose from a variety of layouts to best suit your campaign needs.

Shopper Awareness

Basket Building

Seasonal Activation

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Hyphen + Media

We own and optimize end-to-end.

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