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One Key Question Every Shopper Marketer Should Ask of Landing Pages

We all know speed is important, but a recent Google study showed that after 2.5 seconds, 53% of your traffic disappears. Without speed, clicks are wasted. How do your landing pages stack up? It’s simple to find out with Lighthouse, a free tool provided by Google. In this article, we’ll show you how to access your page load time, analyze it, and find any bottleneck.

At RichContext, we use Lighthouse as an auditing process to ensure our solutions are fast and effective. Lighthouse is an open-source web development tool created by Google to help engineers monitor the performance of web pages. It helps ensure apps are fast and meet progressive web requirements.

Your page performance can impact your sales and reputation. Using Lighthouse to audit your product pages is a useful way to specify areas of improvement for the user experience. To test the speed of your webpage, visit Google’s testing site. Simply enter your URL and watch the magic happen. After you receive your Lighthouse results, explore custom fixes to optimize your site’s performance.

RichContext products are thoughtfully designed with speed in mind. As we’re developing new features or updates to our solutions, we use Lighthouse as a benchmark to make sure the product’s performance isn’t degrading. Every time changes are made to the code base, we have an automated process that runs Lighthouse against the newest code. We’re constantly working to ensure we’re serving the fastest user experience in the industry.

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