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Recap: Hyphen Virtual Launch

We recently hosted a virtual launch event to announce the official release of Hyphen, our eCommerce platform designed to minimize clicks and maximize conversion. Billy Courtney, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships at RichContext, Joe Murphy, Director of Product at RichContext, and Bridget Sigler, Brand Manager at Kimberly-Clark came together to discuss the problems modern marketers face and share strategies for success with the help of Hyphen. If you missed the presentation, access the complete event recording.

Why Hyphen? Why Now?

Particularly in recent months, there’s been a noticeable shift in the way people shop, leading to increased interest in eGrocery, pickup, and delivery solutions. Hyphen is a dynamic and intelligent platform that connects products to shoppers and shoppers to the retailer of their choice through a lightning-fast eCommerce experience. The destination is eliminating media waste while continuously optimizing to help brands better understand shopping behaviors.

Hyphen UX and Logic

Consumers can quickly and easily navigate a Hyphen shop. Its simple user flow accounts for each part of the online shopper’s journey, from product discovery to conversion. Shoppers engage with a social or display ad and are served an experience with custom creative, location-specific retailer options, inventory that’s available at their chosen store, and the option to directly add items to their cart. Hyphen regularly checks product inventory based on the shopper’s location and the selected retailer, always landing on a page with available items. The technology handles unavailable items by seamlessly substituting with a pre-determined list of alternative products. Take the Hyphen demo.

Hyphen gives brands control, allowing them to set creative, retailer selection options (single or multi), and inventory. Brands can use the experience to make informed decisions, test different design variations, and optimize the media driving to the destination.

Client Experience

“Overall, Hyphen was the solution that helped us show value and see how it can really make a difference to the bottom line.”

Bridget Sigler, Kimberly-Clark

Bridget spoke about her experience with Hyphen in a recent campaign for Kimberly-Clark. She cited optimized media, quick turnaround, assured item availability, and informative analytics as key indicators of success. Ultimately, Hyphen helped Kimberly-Clark drive a cohesive experience with reinvested media savings.

About RichContext

At RichContext, we meet the consumer with the technology that powers tomorrow’s shopping experiences. Trusted by the world’s largest retailers and many of the most recognizable brands, we deliver digital solutions through a proprietary blend of technology, strategy, and data. If you’re interested in learning more about Hyphen and the future of digital commerce, reach out.

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