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Taking Control of Digital Commerce: New Tech, New Data, New Possibilities [Part 1]

As online shopping becomes more and more prevalent, the way people shop has evolved – especially when it comes to groceries and everyday items. The stakes have always been high in these categories and it has only heightened in the growing digital battleground. Winning in this space means brands need to build new muscles around product discovery, data, and non-stop optimization. At RichContext, we know this requires a new set of tools and technology that enables brands to have control and understanding. One of those pillars is our platform that delivers high-impact, shoppable experiences that meets shoppers at their points of inspiration. Its offline parallel would be the coveted merchandising and display space that brands long for in-store. Today’s reality is that the online equivalent of those adjacencies is endless. Let’s think of this movement as the emergence of “Digital Endcaps.” Within this framework there are some major elements to consider:

Product Discovery
Online grocery is the fastest-growing product category in the eCommerce space. In the next decade, you can be certain that fewer grocery trips will take place in a physical store. Consumers have become comfortable with shopping from home while gazing at their empty freezer, refrigerator, and pantry. Finding new products is hard, particularly when shoppers are trained to routinely re-order their favorite items. How does the modern-day shopper easily find your new product and seamlessly convert in this environment – especially when up to 80% of their basket features repeat purchases?

Behavioral Data
While we already know that shoppers value the convenience and speed of online shopping, a recent study suggests that they still wish for improved product availability, better customer service options, and a more enjoyable experience overall. Retailers and brands have the opportunity to give shoppers what they want, when they want it, with the help of behavioral data. Why isn’t this happening?

We’ve long pontificated how a shopper behaves online versus in-store. The data has always been available as events are flagged and user behavior is logged. It’s time to start leveraging data to build more impactful experiences. By understanding the online shopper, we’re better equipped to handle the customer journey, address expectations, and deliver experiences that inspire, engage, and convert. It is imperative that we not assume that there is a silver bullet or a point-solution that works across all categories.

Real-Time Optimization
Highly effective signals present themselves when a brand owns and connects both the traffic driving and the user’s destination. If these components are working in harmony, then we can optimize demand based on user behaviors and desired actions. Real-time optimization helps to ensure that the strategy is as informed and effective as possible at every step of the campaign. Gone are the days of waiting months for reports to tell you retroactively “how you performed.”

It’s time to move away from simply participating in this space and move towards a more thoughtful approach to understand it. The results will be the elimination of waste and meaningful increases in effectiveness.

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