Team Highlight: Emily McAlister

We’re featuring Emily this month, our Client Operations Manager. She’s a cat mom and Supreme enthusiast, and her dry sense of humor always has the team laughing. She joined RichContext last summer as an intern, where she excelled in learning the business, ultimately leading to a full-time position. Since then, she’s quickly climbed the ladder and has been recognized for her desire to constantly grow — a core value at RichContext. Meet Emily below!

  • Tell us about yourself.
    Before RC, I worked at the mall for 6 years LOL. My work background is in retail management.

    I first applied for an internship at RichContext in May 2019, and started shortly after. For the most part, my internship was heavily focused on basic rich media experiences on item pages. My internship ended early as I was hired for the Project Coordinator position — overseeing all rich media business while still being involved with the New Business side. 

    From there I was moved to Client Success Manager, which has now evolved into the Client Operations role. 
  • Describe your role at RichContext.
    Client Operations Manager – I’m responsible for client campaign structure, billing, campaign status, destination builds & QA, and Hyphen pacing
  • What’s the best part about your job?
    I’m able to work remotely, from pretty much anywhere. My favorite part is interacting with clients and collabing with different teams. I love anything that is client-facing (calls, meetings, emails)
  • Favorite RichContext memory so far?
    Our monthly Glue Projects (team building activities) are always some of my favorite memories. Might sound biased, but some of my favorites are cleaning up the park, show and tell, and the time we used trash to build an obstacle course outside.
  • What experience do you want clients to have with RichContext?
    I always want clients to have a great experience working with our team. Some words I’d hope they’d throw in would be easygoing, effortless, and friendly. But most importantly, I hope that there’s something they learn from us and vice versa. 
  • Favorite tech gadget?
    Not sure if this counts, but I love my magic 8 ball.
  • Little known fact about you?
    I’ve got a million:
    • I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 16
    • I still don’t think I can swim??
    • I have 3 cats and an 8-week old golden retriever puppy
    • I went to middle school in an old Best Buy building
    • Refuse to eat anything with a slimy texture (disgust)
    • My favorite color is gray, any shade
    • I won’t celebrate New Years unless I’m wearing the glasses

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