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Team Highlight: Matt Rader

Matt Rader is the type of person you can count on to bring new ideas to the table…while also bringing his A-game to a round of table tennis. As a client success manager, he’s on the frontlines of the RichContext business team to ensure our campaigns are running smoothly. Get to know Matt in our March Team Highlight:

  • Tell us about yourself:
    Being one of the younger members on the team, my background makes for a short story. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with majors in Finance and Business Management, and an emphasis in financial analysis. From there, I began working straight out of college as a financial consultant but quickly realized that the banking world wasn’t for me (minus the fantastic bank holidays). I decided to look around the job market and was able to connect with the RichContext team. I immediately fell in love with the company culture and have grown more and more involved throughout the business ever since!

  • Describe a typical day at RichContext:
    As a client success manager, we are somewhat of a jack of all trades. We manage every aspect of campaign execution and reporting. Generally, we are building experiences across product pages and microsites, managing and executing performance marketing campaigns, and reviewing and creating analytics reports through our various platforms.

    The two consistencies in my daily routine would be monitoring my active campaigns every morning and playing a game of ping pong after lunch!

  • What’s the best part of your job?
    I love digging into the analytics behind our programs. With many of our product offerings being completely new territory to the industry, I enjoy finding areas to optimize or gain new insights!

    I also love the culture at RichContext. Whether you like working in the dead of night, super early in the morning, are a car geek, sports fanatic, video gamer, avid reader, outdoor enthusiast, everyone here has an interest in you and wants to know more. We come from so many different backgrounds, and it makes for an exciting work environment.

  • What experience do you want clients to have with RichContext?
    I want clients to leave each meeting with us feeling like they learned something new. We spend a lot of time analyzing not only our programs but also the industry in order to provide the best learnings and recommendations. I hope clients feel a sense of authenticity when we speak and know that our door is always open.

  • Favorite RichContext memory so far?
    Probably the outdoor obstacle course we set up and guided our blindfolded coworkers through during a company team-building event. While we’ve had a lot of great group projects, seeing people blindly leap over cardboard boxes and run into trees has to be the most entertaining!

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