The Secret to Standing Out on Product Detail Pages

With the rapid rise of online shopping in recent months, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to distinguish themselves from competitors while providing consumers with the content they need to make an informed purchase decision.

One way to accomplish this is the addition of enhanced content on product detail pages. Brands can use enhanced content to go beyond the basic elements of an item page to capture the shopper’s interest and ultimately boost conversions.

As a Walmart Connected Content Partner, RichContext has unique access to the world’s largest retailer to provide the most advanced and sophisticated experiences to product detail pages. Brands of all sizes can benefit from these services with extremely competitive and highly effective solutions. Keep reading to learn how to power one of the most advanced, interactive content experiences on

What is Enhanced Content?

Enhanced content, also referred to as rich media, describes various interactive webpage elements that improve the user’s overall experience. Incorporating enhanced content on can come in the form of featuring videos, comparison charts, virtual product tours, additional downloads, and other high-quality modules on product detail pages.

Rich media helps content quality scores and provides a unique opportunity for potential buyers to discover additional products within your portfolio. This below-the-fold content gives online shoppers the opportunity to learn more about the brand while creating a memorable brand experience on the digital shelf.

Benefits of Enhanced Content on

Why is enhanced content so important? There are several elements of rich media solutions that can contribute to an improved product detail page.

1) Competitive Edge

“Rich media gives brands a competitive edge by helping them stand out from the crowd. On average, shoppers spend 44% more time on product pages with shoppable enhanced content than other pages in the same category. We’ve also found that conversion can increase up to 20% on product pages with rich media.”   – Michael Goldstein, RichContext

It’s important to ensure your item pages stand out from competitors with enhanced content. Brands that utilize enhanced content are setting a new standard on item pages. Using rich media can help showcase the uniqueness of a product and make a clear distinction from the competition.

2) Increased User Engagement

Incorporating enhanced content onto your product detail pages can help improve the overall user experience. Adding interesting and interactive modules helps increase page dwell time and build brand recognition while raising engagement rates.

Plus, providing thorough and accurate information helps shoppers easily compare and research products, which means they don’t have to rely on other sources to get the answers they need.

3) Product Discoverability

The addition of enhanced content can make your product listings more discoverable on and help them perform better in searches.

Not only does enhanced content provide a way to promote new or additional items from within your own assortment to build bigger baskets, it can also elevate product pages to deliver a premium shopping experience.

4) Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced content even has the ability to increase overall customer satisfaction while decreasing negative reviews and product returns.

By featuring accurate and informative content, sellers have the ability to create a seamless online shopping experience that can lead to a more positive shopping experience and can contribute to repeat purchases (both in physical stores and online).

5) Boosting Conversion and Insights

Most importantly, all of these benefits help to drive meaningful conversion on Enhanced content makes online shopping enjoyable and convenient for consumers by giving them the information they need to simplify the buying process.

Walmart encourages the use of enhanced content to create best-in-class item pages on the site. As a result, sellers are able to gain valuable access to insights and data about consumer behavior to optimize further marketing efforts.

How to Get Started

RichContext has created dozens of rich media solutions that are expertly designed to increase engagement and conversion. Educate consumers with informative answers to frequently asked questions with a FAQ module, promote multiple items at once to allow shoppers to explore your entire portfolio from a single experience with a shoppable carousel, or display user-generated content from influencer and brand content in a Digital Quilt.

Not only is it important to create engaging item pages, but it’s also necessary to regularly maintain and monitor them to make sure your content is consistent and relevant. Brands should ensure that their shopping experiences are always up to date with real-time product information, accurate pricing, and useful product reviews.

Custom enhanced content experiences by RichContext can be optimized for any product, category, or season, and can include rotations to support seasonal messaging, new product launches, and other events throughout the year.

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