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Introducing Tyler Coles, Our Not-So-New Hire

RichContext is pleased to announce that Tyler Coles has returned to the organization as Lead Data Engineer. Yep, you read that right. Tyler began his journey with RichContext in August of 2017 as our very first software engineer. After a brief time away, he has returned!

In the early beginnings of RichContext, Tyler was instrumental in building several internal applications and publication systems that we use every day to fulfill services for clients. After building up RichContext’s foundational products, Tyler decided to pursue a new opportunity outside of the retail technology world. He continued to maintain relationships with the RichContext team, which led to discussions of rejoining the group as Lead Data Engineer. “I love the culture and the overall attitude of the company. The idea of coming back was very positive for me. RichContext is focused on building actual results while making sure everyone works together with the right perspective for building a business,” says Tyler on his decision to return to RichContext.

In his new role, he’ll be focusing on the procurement of data centered around RichContext operations. The collection, cleansing, and storing of data will be used to provide a foundation for our growing analytics team, helping us discover more insights with a competitive edge.

We’re glad to have you back, Tyler!

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