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From White Space to Outer Space: An Inside Look at RichContext’s Office Makeover

At RichContext, our company values are at the core of our business. We recently decided to create value-based illustrations that represent all that RichContext stands for. The result? A futuristic interpretation to help keep our company values top-of-mind while enhancing our office walls.

For this project, we chose to depict our core values through space-themed illustrations. RichContext is a pioneer in the realm of eCommerce, exploring options and ideas that have never been seen before. Space travel encapsulates that same thinking: going beyond what is known and familiar to something new. Keep reading to see what we came up with.

Value: Have an Owner’s Mindset
Visual Representation: Astronaut’s Helmet
Why? Having an owner’s mindset means shifting your perspective to see the bigger picture. The viewer sees space reflected in the astronaut’s helmet, showcasing a scene that would be invisible to the viewer without the help of the astronaut. Also, what you see and what the astronaut sees are essentially the same thing, but flipped: a difference in perspective. 

Value: Create Lasting Value
Visual Representation: Gazing Toward Futuristic City
Why? The futuristic city stands as a symbol of civilization: something that continually changes, grows, and persists despite hardship.

Bonus: The father/son scene demonstrates that cultivating relationships is ultimately what creates the biggest impact. We believe in challenging norms while driving meaningful change.

Value: Constantly Grow
Visual Representation: Looking Through a Telescope
Why? In this design, the girl looking through the telescope symbolizes someone who is curious and eager to learn. With no one else present in the scene, she has taken initiative to search out questions to her answers and develop a perspective. At RichContext, we’re motivated by an unending desire to learn and grow.

Value: Be Courageous
Visual Representation: Walking Through a Portal
Why? In this illustration, a man steps forward through a space portal into the unknown. Choosing to go beyond what is familiar – especially when you aren’t sure of what lies ahead – is the epitome of courage. Our team is strongest when we maintain a culture of transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity.

About RichContext
RichContext, based in Northwest Arkansas, is a retail technology company focusing on digital commerce. Founded in 2016, the company works with the world’s most recognized brands and retailers, delivering end-to-end digital solutions. RichContext is comprised of a proprietary blend of engineering, UI/UX, data science and performance marketing built to shape the future of digital commerce.

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